Modders Are Using AI to Overhaul Old Games Textures, With Gorgeous Results

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. One of the promises of AI is its ability to enhance pre-existing visual detail rather than requiring the painstaking creation of all-new work. While there have been plenty of technical demos on this topic, including prototypes that actually deliver the ‘Enhance’ function TV shows have been claiming already exists for decades, consumer applications remain fewer

One Modder’s Quest: Recreate Parts of Fallout New Vegas Inside Fallout 4

Fallout New Vegas is arguably the best of the three modern Fallout games. The plot of the game takes inspiration from the original, Black Isle version of Fallout 3 (codenamed Van Buren), and it builds on elements of the in-game universe that were introduced back in Fallout 2. At the same time, there’s no denying that New Vegas is beginning to show its age. The game launched in 2010, but

Forget Doom — now modders are moving Half-Life to smartwatches

Share This article For years, the ability to run Doom on various devices has been a hallmark of a system’s flexibility. We’ve seen the FPS pop up on everything from calculators to copiers, but with embedded devices becoming ever-more powerful, the ability to run code nearly 25 years old has become old hat. It’s time for a new standard (though the ability to run Doom within Doom is a fairly