Airstrikes on ISIS killed 10K militants in Iraq, Syria: U.S.

Gokhan Sahin/Getty Images Strikes like those on Kobani, Syria, last year were among those during the last nine months that have left more than 10,000 ISIS militants dead, U.S. officials said. BEIRUT — A U.S. official said Wednesday that more than 10,000 Islamic State fighters have been killed by American-led airstrikes in Iraq and Syria in nine months, offering a first body count for a campaign that has yet to

Tidal launches new desktop app, $4.99 student subscription Jay-Z’s Tidal music streaming service just launched a new desktop app and a student subscription option. Jay-Z’s Tidal music streaming service is trying to stay a competitor by releasing two new desktop apps and a $ 4.99 student subscription. Tidal’s update was announced a week prior to Apple’s Music streaming service, which will be announced on June 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The new desktop apps are still

Greatness Affirmed! Cauthen outduels Velasquez, Alydar

AP Affirmed on the inside, Steve Cauthen up, wins the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown, ahead of Alydar, with Jorge Velasquez up, on June 10, 1978. (Originally published by the Daily News on Sunday, June 11, 1978; written by Russ Harris) Never, but never, has there been another thoroughbred rivalry to compare with it. Affirmed, tested as no previous Triple Crown winner has been, came on again after being

Kim Kardashian goes on out of character Twitter rant

John Shearer/WireImage Kim Kardashian attends the Hype Energy Drinks U.S. Launch on June 2. Is that you Kim Kardashian? The reality TV star went on a Twitter rant that was so intense on Tuesday, the social network reached out to her to make sure it was really her sending out the series of tweets. “Hahahaha Twitter just contacted me to see if I’ve been hacked LOL #JustPregnantKeeks,” Kardashian wrote to

Big Tobacco's big problem in Canada

EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images Most people know that this causes cancer. But a Canadian court ruled that emphysema and cancer victims can still get a huge settlement because of dishonest marketing by tobacco companies. Three major tobacco companies have been ordered by a Canadian court to pay out more than $ 15 billion in damages to smokers — the largest such ruling in the country’s history. The Quebec Superior Court has

The Doctor Is In: Butt injections can be very dangerous

Using liquid silicone for butt injections is incredibly risky, with potentially deadly side effects. Kelly Mayhew, a 34-year-old woman from Maryland, died over the weekend after getting butt injections in a Queens basement. The procedure was performed by an unlicensed doctor. Shortly after, Mayhew began having difficulty breathing. She was rushed to St. John’s hospital, but died after she arrived. Mayhew is one of many women who have died from

American killed in African lion maul identified as NY woman

Katie Chappell via Instagram Kate Chappell departed from Vancouver and embarked on her backpacking vacation just last week. The American woman mauled to death by a lion while on a South African safari was an adventurous New York native who worked as a visual effects artist on the wildly popular HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Kate Chappell, originally from Rye in Westchester County, died Monday when a lion leapt through

Intel launches new 65W socketed Broadwell chips with supercharged graphics, 128MB L4 cache

Share This article Intel is launching multiple new Broadwell desktop and mobile processors at Computex. While the company’s Broadwell rollout has been an ongoing process, these new cores are noteworthy for two reasons: They’re the first desktop processors to offer Intel’s 128MB L4 cache, known as Crystal Well, and the first socketed Broadwell parts to offer the 128MB cache as an option. The die shot below shows how the cores

21st-century medicine: Gauss guns, magic bullets, and magnetic millibot surgeons

Share This article Sometime around the turn into the 20th century, medical extraordinaire Paul Ehrlich coined the word zauberkugel or “magic bullet” to describe new drugs he was working on to cure syphilis and cancer. In theory, such drugs would leave healthy tissue intact while targeting only the diseased. Psychologists later appropriated this term to describe the phenomenally widespread panic that ensued when H. G. Well’s epic 1938 thriller The

Thor hammered: Syndergaard, rocked in Mets 7-2 loss

Gregory Bull/AP Noah Syndergaard is touched by the Padres for seven runs and 10 hits, but also strikes out 10 but gets the loss in San Diego Tuesday. PADRES 7, METS 2 SAN DIEGO — Noah Syndergaard stumbled through his worst start in the big leagues Tuesday night, giving up career-highs in runs and hits as the Mets fell to the Padres 7-2 at Petco Park. That snapped a two-game