2016 Hyundai Tucson: Is the latest compact SUV to ship the best SUV?

Share This article Here’s an easy way to decide which small SUV to buy: Aim for the one that shipped this year, this quarter, or this month. That’s especially the case if you value the technology aspects of your next car: driver assist and active safety features, entertainment systems, efficient engines and drivetrains, and more useful smartphone connections. The segment is hyper-competitive. New features arrive regularly. A case in point

3D white graphene could prevent electronics from overheating

Share This article Heat dissipation, or at least the tunable control of heat, is a major headache in electronics. Now researchers have proposed a complex 3D structure made from a 2D material, known as white graphene, which may provide a solution to this problem. Normally, graphene is a 2D, one-atom thick layer of carbon in a hexagonal lattice. Its heat transfer capabilities are superb, but it’s also an electrical conductor

TSMC confirms volume shipments of 16nm, pushes EUV back to the 5nm node

Share This article TSMC has announced that its begun volume shipments of its 16nm technology and that it expects a rapid ramp-up for its 10nm node. The foundry giant is in the unusual position of playing catch-up; after years of ruling the cutting-edge foundry business, the company was caught flat-footed by Samsung’s rapid 14nm deployment. TSMC is gunning to reverse that trend, and betting it can beat Samsung to the

New Star Trek-style medical device accelerates healing by 30 percent

Share This article It is one of the less appreciated facts in medical science that humans possess the capacity for perfect scar-free healing – with one caveat, the human in question must still be in the womb. Small children also have also been known to regrow entire finger tips, an ability that diminishes quickly with age. These kind of medical puzzlers have tantalized clinicians and science fiction authors since time

New surgical handheld finds those tough-to-reach nerves and zaps pain

Share This article If your neurosurgeon asks you to”‘open wide,” don’t worry — you are not in the wrong place. That’s because many of the most sensitive nerves exiting the base of the brain and upper spine can best be gained through the oral cavity. The problem is that not only do all the neural highways and byways that intersect here at nerve central look exactly like each other, they

Ford Sync 3: better and faster, if not a standout

Share This article Ford Sync 3 is okay now. It took eight years and three tries to take a great idea and give it usability, speed and — we hope — freedom from glitches. Even if you don’t fall in love with Sync 3, it’s not going to keep you from buying a Ford this time around. Ford Sync 3 ships this summer on the Ford Escape compact SUV and Ford Fiesta

Tesla Motors delivers ‘ludicrous speed upgrade’ for Model S P85D

Share This article In a press conference today, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced one that’s sure to get the attention of current and future Model S P85D owners — a “ludicrous speed upgrade” (thanks, Mel Brooks) that drops the 0-60 time 10 percent to a scant 2.8 seconds, and improves top speed to 155 miles per hour. Musk says that with this option, the Model S hits the quarter

5 BMW technologies that have 7 Series competitors playing catch-up

Share This article When the sixth generation BMW 7 Series ships this fall, it will come with a dozen dazzling technologies that should tighten the sales race between the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series — and, in the US at least, extend the lead over the Audi A8. Each car is excellent in its own right. The technologies then trickle down to the smaller vehicles in each fleet. Below are

Curiosity rover finds surprising evidence of ancient continental crust on Mars

Share This article A few months ago, NASA scientists noticed some surprisingly light-colored rocks in a photograph. They shouldn’t have been so light, by their understanding of the area’s geology — and so naturally, these scientists sent Curiosity to go and blast those rocks with a laser. The onboard “ChemCam” experiment then looked into the chemical composition of the vaporized rock this produced — and what it found looked surprisingly familiar. Though it has long been believed

Gene therapy partially reverses deafness in mice

Share This article An exciting new study published in Science Translational Medicine has successfully used a gene therapy technique to regenerate partial hearing in deaf mice. It’s at once an important step toward treatment of genetic forms of deafness in humans, and more general proof that gene therapy is well on its way to being a powerful part of modern medicine. It’s important to understand the causes of the particular type of genetic