Light’s L16 is a DSLR-quality camera that fits in your pocket — for a stiff price

Share This article This week, startup Light announced plans to sell a 52MP camera that creates DSLR-quality images, but is only the size of a smartphone. The Light L16 will do this by combining images from multiple lower-resolution sensors — 10 of its 16 sensors fire for each shot — into a single high-resolution image. By cleverly combining images from some of its 35mm, 70mm, and 150mm fixed-focal-length lenses, the L16

New reports claim Samsung-powered version of Apple A9 is too hot to handle

Share This article Ever since Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launched, we’ve seen reports from users who were suffering lower-than-expected battery life or found that the home button became too hot to touch in certain situations. Some of these issues are expected with any new device launch, particularly given that Apple chose to source its A9 SoC from two different vendors — Samsung and TSMC. Samsung had been shipping

Das Blunder? VW blames engineers, not execs, for diesel woes, then bails on US diesels

Share This article That should go over well: VW’s head of US operations, a guy with a business background, laid the blame for its diesel emissions problem on a handful of rogue engineers. Thursday Michael Horn told Congress “a couple of software engineers” were likely responsible; the problem as he saw it didn’t come from the corporate suite. Horn also said that Volkswagen has withdrawn its application to certify the

Volvo: We’ll take the blame if our self-driving cars crash

Share This article Volvo says “blame us” if any of its self-driving cars crashes when it’s in autonomous mode. The company hopes the assumption of liability takes away one concern of the public and spurs the development and adoption of self-driving cars. Volvo says self-driving cars will be here sooner than many believe. Separately, Volvo called for a single federal set of standards for autonomous vehicles, also to speed up

Google, Porsche spar over how much data the search giant collects

Share This article Google is an advertising company that just happens to own a search engine and an operating system. But the company is exceptionally sensitive to how its data-hoovering practices are discussed in the media. Earlier this week, news broke that Porsche had chosen to use Apple’s CarPlay rather than Android Auto, due to the amount of data that Google gathers. MotorTrend interviewed engineers at Porsche and reported the

Nobel Prize in Medicine goes to ‘traditional’ anti-parasitic discoveries

Share This article This year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is split between two recipients — a pair of researchers who discovered a class of anti-parasitic drugs based on Avermectin, and a Chinese researcher who (re)discovered a powerful antimalarial agent called Artemisinin. Both the drugs have already saved countless lives, but for many this first science win for a researcher in China is about more than just medicine. Malaria is, in

Microsoft Bing Predicts and the future of gambling

Share This article Like an 800 pound gorilla flailing wildly in a Victorian tea house, artificial intelligence has been disrupting one industry after another of late. Now the latest group to feel the burn is the gambling consortiums in Las Vegas. Microsoft’s AI engine, Bing Predicts, made headlines recently by beating the Las Vegas odds in predicting winners for week one of the NFL season. Its previous successes are even more breathtaking,

The nuclear industry has a ‘culture of denial’ about hacking threats

Share This article A new report from world-leading international think tank Chatham House says that the US nuclear industry is mired in a “culture of denial” about the risks of a cyber-attack on the crucially important facilities. Not only are there huge and preventable lapses in security, the report alleges, but there is a general tendency to take the improbable and “recast” it as impossible — precisely the problem that

Microfluidic cooling yields huge performance benefits in FPGA processors

Share This article As microprocessors have grown in size and complexity, it’s become increasingly difficult to increase performance without skyrocketing power consumption and heat. Intel’s CPU clock speeds have remained mostly flat for years, while AMD’s FX-9590 and its R9 Nano GPU both illustrate dramatic power consumption differences as clock speeds change. One of the principle barriers to increasing CPU clocks is that it’s extremely difficult to move heat out

Why a flipped neutrino just won the Nobel Prize

Share This article When scientists first started asking to build neutrino detectors, the big question was: why bother? Neutrinos were incredibly difficult to detect, they interact only weakly with regular matter, and they didn’t even seem to have any mass. These neutrino detectors were incredibly expensive and finicky rigs that had to be built deep underground, just for a hope of capturing the presence — let alone direction — of a neutrino bombarding