Linda Stasi: City noise can be fattening, a new study says

City noise can make people fat while pollution makes people dumb, according to new studies which Linda Stasi has some serious doubts about. Check which box best applies to you: Fat. Stupid. Hideous. White. All of the above. It’s not bad enough that Photoshopped celebrities make us look dumb and dumpy by comparison, now two new studies have set out to “prove” why we are what they say we are:

MDMA may help social anxiety in autistic adults: scientists

Scientists are testing whether MDMA, the active ingredient in Ecstasy, may help treat social anxiety in adults with autism. Los Angeles researchers want to see if MDMA, a “heart-opening” drug, reduces the fear of interacting with people in the first study to look at MDMA and autistic people, lead researcher Alicia Danforth said. MDMA has been shown to boost confidence, heighten bonding and increase understanding of social cues, all qualities