Intel will support FreeSync standard with future GPUs

Share This article Currently, there are two competing display standards that can provide smoother gameplay and refresh rates synchronized to GPU frame production — Nvidia’s proprietary G-Sync standard, and the VESA-backed Adaptive-Sync (AMD calls this FreeSync, but it’s exactly the same technology). We’ve previously covered the two standards, and both can meaningfully improve gaming and game smoothness. Now, Intel has thrown its own hat into the ring and announced that

Windows 10 jettisons SafeDisc and SecuROM, may phone home about cracked games

Share This article Two new bits of information have surfaced regarding Windows 10 and its various DRM and phone-home strategies. First, there’s news that looks great at first glance — Windows 10 no longer supports the much-hated SecuROM and SafeDisc. The downside of this news is that Windows 10 can no longer play those titles if the DRM hasn’t been patched out by the original developer. This revelation comes from

DirectX 12 arrives at last with Ashes of the Singularity, AMD and Nvidia go head-to-head

Share This article Ever since Microsoft announced DirectX 12, gamers have clamored for hard facts on how the new API would impact gaming. Unfortunately, hard data on this topic has been difficult to come by — until now. Oxide Games has released an early version of its upcoming RTS game Ashes of the Singularity, and allowed the press to do some independent tire-kicking. Before we dive into the test results,

EA executive calls on-disc DLC complaints ‘nonsense,’ but the truth is more complex

Share This article Ask a gamer what they think of downloadable content (DLC) these days, and you’re as likely to hear a torrent of blistering language as anything positive. The process of releasing content piecemeal over time has been extremely controversial in the gaming community. Publishers have embraced the concept despite the mixed reaction of gamers. It’s now common practice for AAA games to release several follow-up areas or adventures,

Imagination pits Vulkan API against OpenGL in ‘gnomes per second’ test

Share This article One of the biggest expected announcements at SIGGRAPH this week has been delayed: The Kronos Group has yet to release its Vulkan API. Fortunately, Imagination Technologies has taken over, and has released a tech demo to make the months of waiting more bearable. Gnome Horde demonstrates the impressive performance advantages that this low-level API provides compared with other graphics APIs. The video below shows a consumer tablet outfitted with

Crackdown 3 will deliver Microsoft’s cloud-computing-backed, fully destructive terrain

Share This article When Microsoft first announced the Xbox One, it claimed developers and gamers could take advantage of Microsoft’s unique cloud infrastructure to boost game performance or create special effects that a single Xbox One couldn’t possibly handle. The company never said much about the feature after that, though we saw a glimmer of it last year, when Titanfall ran the game’s AI on Microsoft’s cloud servers. Now that’s

Why some video game ports are spotless while others are train wrecks

Share This article During the last console generation, HD remasters became a popular trend among many of the major publishers. PS2 and original Xbox games were given a fresh coat of paint, and re-released to the world. While the reaction to this trend wasn’t universally positive, it was more-or-less accepted because of the significant jump in fidelity between 480p and 720p. This time around, the situation is a bit more

Windows 10 coming to Xbox One in November with new UI

Share This article Microsoft announced at Gamescom today that the Xbox One’s Windows 10 rollout will take place in November. We’ve known that the upgrade was coming for a while, alongside DirectX 12 support, but Microsoft had previously declined to put a date on it. The new Windows 10 launch will debut alongside a new UI that apparently diverges from the Windows 8-style layouts that Microsoft has used since the

Sony has sold more PS4s than the Xbox One and Wii U combined: Report

Share This article From the get-go, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been selling well. It’s only been about a year and a half since it launched in November of 2013, but Sony announced today that the PS4 has sold over 25 million units worldwide. We still don’t know the exact number of Xbox Ones sold to consumers, but if the estimates are correct, the PS4 has now sold more units than

Nvidia voluntarily recalls Shield tablets because of fire risk

Share This article Nvidia announced today that it was voluntarily recalling many of its Shield tablets due to a problem with the lithium-ion batteries. The recall covers all tablets sold between July 2014 and July 2015, and the company has stated it will replace current devices with a new tablet, free of charge. Not all Shield tablets are affected by the recall, however, so you’ll want to check your Shield